Telecoms Works at KSA
Some of Irsal Projects & Supply (Continued)

Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Year: 2014
Telecoms Works at KSA
•Nokia: 4G3 ES Project, around 57 Sites for LTE1800 as Standalone System Module and sharing with LTE2300 in Najran, Jizan and Sharoura
•Nokia: 2G & LTE Swap Project for Mobily, around 100 Sites between 2G & LTE Swap from Ericsson to NSN in Central Region (Riyadh …)
•Nokia: IP Migration Project for STC 4G1, Ping Test for around 320 Sites in Taif and South Region •Nokia: Ongoing STC 4G1 Transmission Swap from other Vendors to NSN, including Site Survey, New Link installation, Traffic Shifting and Old Link Dismantling for around 700 Links in Makkah and South Region
•Nokia Al Saudia: Ongoing Planning and Optimization, Pre-lunch Activities including Drive Test for 2G, 3G and LTE Mobily Project •Nokia Al Saudia: FLM Outsourcing Engineers. The Scope includes Preventive Maintenance (PM), Corrective Maintenance (CM), 24/7. The Maintenance includes Telecom Equipment for the Access Network (BTS, Node-B and Transmission), Electromechanical (AC, HVAC and Power) and (EM and Telecom)
•Zain KSA: Assets Site Management Count, with the Implementation of Security Environment Management System “SEMS