Irsal relies on qualified engineers / architects with years of experience the fields of Design/ consultancy and civil work projects execution
FTTH and Fiber Optic Projects.
  • Supply and installation of Passive and active fiber optic materials
  • Supply of fiber optic cabling
  • Implementing smart city projects concept
  • Fiber to the home project implementation and supply of material
Other services , Fast execution with high quality
Design & drawings submittal preparation
  • Geotechnical engineering and survey
  • Environmental engineering
  • Civil works and Projects Execution
  • Review / Prepare the needed concrete mix design and consultancy
  • Generate suitable quality control plan and adequate testing plan.
  • Develop a control plan for raft foundation and different other structural elements
  • Prepare needed factual reports
  • Setting the specifications related to the civil engineering and construction part.
  • Choosing the set of materials and standards that shall be used during the execution phase.
  • Following up on the project implementation plan proposed by the contractor.
  • Supervise the work on the ground and make sure there is no deviation between the design drawings, the as built drawings and the work being executed.
  • Take samples from the concrete casting and do the necessary tests…
  • Performs smooth hand over once the project is being finalized between the contractor and the project owner.
  • As built drawing preparation related to civil, Mechanical & plumbing work execution
  • Concrete work implementation and execution
  • Electrical work implementation
  • HVAC work execution
  • Renovation of works
Prefabricated House
A prefabricated building, informally a prefab, is a type of building, house, room that consists of several factory- built components or units that are assembled on- site to complete the unit.
The prefab shall have a structural steel base frame manufactured from hot dip galvanized IPE160 profiles.
The base shall be designed to support the floor, walls and roof with their specified loading while still complying with the deflection requirements.